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Guidelines for DFSI Research Grants

Submit your Research paper

  • For providing research grants DFSI invite proposals from researchers / post graduates / faculty members / scientists from teaching medical college (faculty / students), private practitioners or private hospitals from India interested in conducting original and innovative research in the field of diabetic foot.
  • Limited grants (two proposals per year) are available for the students (post graduate / superspeciality) from any specialty for smaller projects related to diabetic foot.
  • There is no deadline for submission of the proposals, and can be submitted throughout the year, which will be assessed by the scientific committee of DFSI twice in a year (March and September) and the decision of the committee will be informed to the principal investigator.
  • These proposals may fall into one of the following two categories:-

    Projects involving funding up to Rs 50,000 per project (preference would be given to young researchers
    < 40 yrs)
    Projects requiring funds up to Rs 2 lakhs per project (Preferably multicentric)

  • An undertaking is mandatory that after study completion, DFSI will be duly acknowledged during presentations (Abstract / Poster/ oral / Publication). Also, the results of the study will be presented at study completion in upcoming DFSI Annual conference. An undertaking will also mention that the proposed research would be completed in stipulated time frame as mentioned in the proposal at the time of submission.

The detailed proposals should include the following :-

  • Title, names of principal and co investigators, summary, introduction / background, review of literature, aims, methodology, study design and detailed plan of work & bibliography.
  • A brief biodata of principal investigator and other co-investigators.
  • The importance of work in the context of Diabetic foot epidemiology / prevention / management.
  • Detailed Budget sought along with full justification / proposed utilization, of funding sought from DFSI.
  • Whether the project is being partly funded from any other source? If yes, please mention the source and the amount received.
  • The study proposal should be approved by local ethics Committee of the Institution or other bonafide body
  • The research projects will be considered under the heads of
    • Epidemiological
    • Clinical trials (Drug, Procedure, Investigation, diagnostic modalities)
    • Basic research

Review criteria should be as follows:

  • Significance:
    Does the study address an important problem? If the aims of the application are achieved, how will scientific knowledge be advanced? What will be the effect of the proposed studies on the concepts or methods that drive the field of diabetic foot?
  • Approach:
    Are the conceptual framework, design, methods and analyses adequately developed, well integrated, and appropriate to the aims of the project? Does the applicant acknowledge potential problem areas and consider alternative tactics?
  • Innovation:
    Does the project employ novel concepts, approaches or methods? Are the aims original and innovative? Does the project challenge existing paradigms or develop new methodologies or technologies?
  • Investigator:
    Is the investigator appropriately trained and well suited to carry out this work? Is the work proposed appropriate to the experience level of the principal investigator and other researchers (if any)?
  • Environment:
    Does the scientific environment in which the work will be done contribute to the probability of success? Do the proposed experiments take advantage of unique features of the scientific environment or employ useful collaborative arrangements? Is there evidence of institutional support?
  • Budget:
    Is the requested budget appropriate for the proposed study? Is the requested duration suitable for completion of the project?
  • Contribution towards a larger research project:
    Is the work described in the application intended as part of a larger project? If so, is there any overlap? Is there a clear explanation how the new work will contribute towards the overall success of that larger project?